Tuesday, April 07, 2009


To all,

Pat Stewart came before the P&ZC last week and talked about resurrecting the Rid Litter Weekend in Bethany. Here is the letter she presented. Please pass on to anyone who might be interested.


Pat Stewart, Liz Appel and many other residents are tired of seeing the litter that has accumulated on our roads in Bethany. Bethany was voted by Connecticut Magazine as the "#1 Small Town in CT" in 2007. Let's all get out there as a community and in just two days we can make Bethany the most "beautiful" #1 Small Town in CT.

Stewart and Appel have organized Saturday April 18th and Sunday April 19th as a voluntary "Spring Clean-up" weekend for Bethany, just prior to teh National Earth Day Celebration. All Town Commissions, Committees and residents; both adults and supervised children, are encouraged to pitch-in to pick-up and bag discarded litter and recyclables found in their neighborhood. Several commissions, organizations, and community groups will be out picking up litter throughout Bethany to join us in our effort.

Volunteers should wear work gloves and protective clothing to pick up litter along the roads. Use your own trash bags and barrels to collect and hold litter until your regular trash pickup day or bring the litter to the Bethany Recycling Center at 765 Amity Road for disposal into the dumpster. Collected cans and bottles can be brought to the Bethany Recycling Center at 765 Amity Road to support the Bethany Historical Society.

If you would like more information concerning Bethany's "Rid Litter Weekend" please contact Pat Stewart at 393-0364 or Liz Appel at 393-1794.

Join your neighbors in Beautifying Bethany.

Be sure to visit the Facebook Event Page